Britain’s largest gas network is moving toward hydrogen with Cadent

Cadent Gas, the britain’s largest gas network operator, is moving toward hydrogen with the Liverpool-Manchester Hydrogen Cluster. The british company aims to inject decarbonized hydrogen into the natural gas network in the Liverpool-Manchester area by 2025. The particularity of this project concerns, of course, the use of hydrogen but also the storage of the CO2 derived from the hydrogen production. This CO2 is planned to be injected and stored in the fields of natural gas near the Liverpool coast. The activity of those fields is expected to cease by early 2020, when the final investment decision will be taken according to the project timeline.

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The full report of the project study is available here.

Cadent Gas is a British gas distribution company. It was formerly known as National Grid Gas Distribution Limited and was part of National Grid plc until 31 March 2017. Cadent is Britain’s largest gas network and maintains 131,000 kilometres of pipes supplying 11 million homes in the North West, Midlands, East and South East of England.

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